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This paper discusses the bankruptcy and restructuring that Forest Medical Center at Frisco (Texas) recently underwent in order to return the hospital to profitability. The discussion begins with a summary of the hospital’s corporate history and founding and an introduction to the key players in the restructuring process, including the relevant circumstances and management figures responsible for the considerable financial problems that led Forest Medical Center to have to make a Chapter 11 filing. The paper provides an account of the bankruptcy proceedings from the hospital’s pre-petition plan to the court’s confirmation of the debtor’s re-organization strategy. The paper concludes with a discussion of the company’s economic position post-bankruptcy.

Case_15_41684 Agreed Motion to Modify Auto Stay_Doc No_182 (1).pdf (50 kB)
Case_15_41684 Emergency Motion re Bidding_Assumption_Sale_Doc No_260 (1).pdf (352 kB)
Case_15_41684 Expedited Motion to Enforce Executory Contract_Doc No_248 (1).pdf (4108 kB)
Case_15_41684 Limited Objection_Physicians_App to Employ CRO Doc No 128.pdf (541 kB)
Case_15_41684 Motion Authorizing Maintenance of Bank Accounts and Existing Cash Mgmt Doc No_6.pdf (134 kB)
Case_15_41684 Objection by TCB Bank re Motion for Post Petition Financing_Doc No_22.pdf (61 kB)
Case_15_41684 Objection by Vibrant_Emergency Motion_post-petition etc Doc No_187.pdf (1100 kB)
Case_15-41684 Affidavit of Michael Miller_ Doc No 3.pdf (1211 kB)
Case_15-41684 Agreed Final Order-Enforcing Auto Stay_Synchrony Doc No_335.pdf (615 kB)
Case_15-41684 Agreed Order Granting Turnover_Auto_Stay_FPMC_Doc No_436.pdf (613 kB)
Case_15-41684 Agreed Order Modifying Stay_Davis Party Doc No_271.pdf (639 kB)
Case_15-41684 Agreed Order on Emergency Motion to Enforce Agreed Order BCBS Doc No_362.pdf (614 kB)
Case_15-41684 Agreed Order on Emergency Motion to enforce Auto Stay_BCBS_Doc No_246 (1).pdf (717 kB)
Case_15-41684 Agreed Order-Stipulation_Stay_TCB_Sweep and Apply Collections_Doc No_293 (1).pdf (666 kB)
Case_15-41684 Amendment to Appointment_Creditors Committee Doc No_202 (1).pdf (31 kB)
Case_15-41684 App for Entry of Order Authorizing Employment of Miller_Doc_4.pdf (76 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_Arent Fox Doc No_391.pdf (5013 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_BNM_Doc No_392.pdf (2837 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_DRC_Doc No_389.pdf (5356 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_DTBA Doc No_387.pdf (706 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_LBBS Doc No_385.pdf (4573 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_Silhol Doc No_390.pdf (1406 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application for Compensation_1_Vibrant_Doc No_429.pdf (5087 kB)
Case_15-41684 Application of Unsecured Creditors Committee to Employ Cohreznick LLP for financial advisors_Doc No_163.pdf (1393 kB)
Case_15-41684 Appointment of Unsecured Creditor Committee Doc No_46.pdf (31 kB)
Case_15-41684 Committee Response to Sabra Rejection_Doc No_480.pdf (582 kB)
Case_15-41684 Debtor Response to Application for Payment of Expenses_Vibrant_Doc No_467.pdf (9668 kB)
Case_15-41684 Emergency Motion to Enforce Auto Stay - BCBS Doc No_104.pdf (88 kB)
Case_15-41684 Emergency Motion to Enforce Auto Stay_FPMC Svc_Doc No_405.pdf (108 kB)
Case_15-41684 Emergency Motion to Enforce Auto Stay_Synchrony Bank_Doc No_305.pdf (59 kB)
Case_15-41684 Expedited Motion for Interim_Final Order Prohibiting Utilities from Altering_Refusing_Discontinue_Doc No 81.pdf (110 kB)
Case_15-41684 Final Order_Cash Mgmt_Bank Accounts Doc No_198.pdf (903 kB)
Case_15-41684 Final Order_CRO_Michael Miller Doc No_214.pdf (800 kB)
Case_15-41684 Final Order_Houlihan Lokey_Investment Banker-Financial Advisor Doc No_253.pdf (1091 kB)
Case_15-41684 Final Order_Post-petition Financing on Superpriority Basis_Doc No_247.pdf (34627 kB)
Case_15-41684 Final Order_Utilities Prohibitions_Doc No_284.pdf (762 kB)
Case_15-41684 Interim Application for compensation_CohReznick_Doc No_388.pdf (871 kB)
Case_15-41684 Interim Order Approving Motion to Maintain Bank Accounts_Utilize Cash Management System_Doc No_37.pdf (87 kB)
Case_15-41684 Interim Order approving Post Petition Financing on Super Priority Basis Doc No_38.pdf (12957 kB)
Case_15-41684 Interim Order Granting Prohibitng Utilities_Alter_Discontinue_Doc No_148.pdf (763 kB)
Case_15-41684 Joint Motion_Modify Auto Stay_Sweep and Apply_Pre-petition Accounts_Doc No_236.pdf (220 kB)
Case_15-41684 Joint Motion_Modify Auto Stay_Sweep and Apply_Pre-petition Accounts_Doc No_236 (1).pdf (220 kB)
Case_15-41684 Limited Objection to Sale Assets_Creditor Committee_Doc No_459.pdf (1056 kB)
Case_15-41684 Limited Objection to Sale of Assets_Dallas_Doc No_451.pdf (69 kB)
Case_15-41684 Limited Objection to Sale of Assets_Equip_West Summit Doc No_454.pdf (420 kB)
Case_15-41684 Limited Objection to Sale of Assets_Vibrant_FPMC_Doc No_452.pdf (54 kB)
Case_15-41684 Limited Objection_to Sale of Assets_Callidus_Doc No_446.pdf (4974 kB)
Case_15-41684 Limited Response to Motion to Compel_FPMCF_Doc No 466.pdf (53 kB)
Case_15-41684 List of Creditors Holding 20 Largest Unsecured Claims_ Doc No 2.pdf (615 kB)
Case_15-41684 Motion Authorizing Obtaining Post-Petition Financing on Senior Secured Superpriority Basis_Related Items Doc No_8.pdf (2639 kB)
Case_15-41684 Motion Authorizing to Pay Pre-Petition Wages etc and related items Doc No 7.pdf (259 kB)
Case_15-41684 Motion to Compel debtor to Assume_Reject Management Agmt_Vibrant_Doc No_431.pdf (13787 kB)
Case_15-41684 Motion to Extend Deadline_Assume-Reject Executory Contracts etc_Doc No_346.pdf (99 kB)
Case_15-41684 Motion To Extend Exclusive Time to FIle_Confirm Plan of Reorganization Doc No_345.pdf (98 kB)
Case_15-41684 Notice of Executed Asset Purchase Agreement_Doc_No_441.pdf (709 kB)
Case_15-41684 Notice of Meeting of Creditors Doc No_48.pdf (63 kB)
Case_15-41684 Objection By Committee_to_Vibrant Doc No_471.pdf (1033 kB)
Case_15-41684 Objection by Creditor Committee_Emergency Motions Doc No_184.pdf (953 kB)
Case_15-41684 Objection of City of Frisco to Interim Order to Post Petition Financing on Senior Secured Superpriority Basis Doc No_138.pdf (52 kB)
Case_15-41684 Objection to 363 Transaction_City of Frisco_Doc No_427.pdf (46 kB)
Case_15-41684 Objection to 363 Transactions_West Summit_Doc No_443.pdf (1484 kB)
Case_15-41684 Objection to Appliction for Payment_Vibrant_Sabra_Doc No_468.pdf (1170 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Approving 363 Transaction Procedures and Deadlines Doc No_283.pdf (1314 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Approving APA Doc No_474.pdf (1431 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Approving Application for Compensation_DTBA_Doc No_487.pdf (627 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Authorizing Arent Fox LLP as co-counsel Doc No_279.pdf (666 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Authorizing Cohnreznick as Advisor to Creditor Committee_Doc No_244.pdf (735 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Authorizing Eric Liepens as Local counsel for Creditor Committee Doc No_280.pdf (619 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Denying Motion to Compel_Doc No_515.pdf (616 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Application for Compensation_BNM_Doc No_493.pdf (856 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Application for Compensation_Silhol_Doc No_489.pdf (767 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Application for Compensation_Vibrant_Doc No_546.pdf (610 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Application of Compensation_Arent_Doc No_491.pdf (688 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Application of Compensation_DRC_Doc No_488.pdf (623 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Approval of Application_LBBS Doc No_485.pdf (625 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Auth to Pay Pre-Petition Wages and related matters Doc No_34.pdf (204 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Extension to Assume_Reject Executory Contracts Doc No_384.pdf (608 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Extension to File Plan and Confirm_Doc No_383.pdf (608 kB)
Case_15-41684 Order Granting Interim Application_CohnReznick_Doc No_490.pdf (696 kB)
Case_15-41684 Preliminary Order Granting Emergency Stay Motion_Synchrony Doc No_326.pdf (611 kB)
Case_15-41684 Response_Objection to Emergency Motion for Auto Stay_FPMC_Doc No_419.pdf (42 kB)
Case_15-41684 Response-Limited Objection Approving Sale free and clear of liens_Collin County Tax Doc No_369.pdf (183 kB)
Case_15-41684 Sabra Objection to Application for Allowance of Compensation_Doc No_469.pdf (64 kB)
Case_15-41684 Sabra Opposition to Co-Counsel for Crediitor Committee Doc No_235.pdf (34 kB)
Case_15-41684 Second Interim Order_Postpetition Financing_Senior Secured Superpriority Basis Doc No_173.pdf (6060 kB)
Case_15-41684 Third Interim Order_Post Petition Financing_Supepriority Basis Doc No 199.pdf (33976 kB)
Case_15-41684_Debtor Application to Employ Miller as Chief Restructuring Officer_Doc No 4.pdf (683 kB)
Case_15-41684_Debtor Emergency Motion_Doc No_6.pdf (271 kB)
Case_15-41684_Designation Notice_Complex Case_Doc No_1.1.pdf (26 kB)
Case_15-41684_First Day Motion_Confidentiality of Patient_Doc No 5.pdf (649 kB)
Case_15-41684_Order Granting Emergency Motion_Patient Confidentiality_Doc No_31.pdf (741 kB)
Case_15-41684_Order Granting Employment of M Miller_Doc No_32.pdf (220 kB)
Case_15-41684_Voluntary Petition_Doc_1.pdf (1105 kB)
FOREST PARK MEDICAL at FRISCO_The Decline of One Structure and Rise of Another - EDITED.docx (343 kB)
FOREST PARK MEDICAL at FRISCO_The Decline of One Structure and Rise of Another.docx (344 kB)
Forest Park Medical Center_Presentation.pptx (2246 kB)
Presentation Notes.docx (24 kB)