Maurice Stucke

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Oxford Legal Studies Research Paper


On 14 March 2017, the Oxford Business Law Blog (OBLB) marked its first anniversary. One year ago, we set out to create a leading and truly international forum for the exchange of ideas and reporting of new developments in business law. Since then, we have published over 530 posts from academics and practitioners from across the world and have reached readers from over 150 countries.

The OBLB is now a firmly entrenched part of the Oxford Law Faculty’s Business Law Hub. The purpose of this collection is to celebrate submissions created especially for publication on the OBLB. As such, this paper consists of a compilation of the ten most-read opinion pieces published on the OBLB in its first year. Corporate scandals, law and technology, and Brexit are the recurring themes. In this context, and for reasons of coherence and consistency, the pieces included in this paper are arranged in a thematic order.

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