Robert C. Blitt

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Texas International Law Journal


To what extent should or must a corporation contemplate international human rights law? Following a brief discussion of the increasing influence of transnational corporations and global business transactions, as well as the growth of the international human rights system, this Article uses the 2011 United Nations’ Guiding Principles on the effective prevention of, and remedy for, business-related human rights harm as a jumping-off point for addressing the most recent developments related to identifying and regulating business-related human rights practices. After identifying an emerging divide between endorsement and criticism of the Guiding Principles, the Article concludes with a forward-looking view, arguing that although the Guiding Principles may represent a good starting point, corporations genuinely concerned with ensuring the effective minimization or elimination of exposure to potentially embarrassing and costly human rights liabilities should be prepared to apply a more rigorous approach.

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Fall 2012

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