Orphans Adopted Eighty-Nine Years after Conception, or, Cataloging Updating Loose-Leaf Publications


Carol Collins

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The Serials Librarian


Until the 2002 revision to AACR2 was adopted, cataloging rules for updating loose-leaf publications were orphans—they were excluded from previous Anglo–American rule compilations. To offer guidance to catalogers, over the years the Library of Congress issued a series of rule interpretations and supplemental resources outlining best practices and rules for cataloging loose-leafs. This article chronicles the publication, or lack of practical publication, of cataloging rules for updating loose-leafs and the impact on libraries. Also included is a review of the various organizations instrumental in garnering support for the creation and acceptance of a new paradigm and standards and concepts that would ensure the inclusion of cataloging rules for updating resources. Finally, the impacts on libraries and cooperative organizations resulting from the implementation of the new rules are examined.

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