Editorial Board

Tanner Hamilton, Editor in Chief

Duncan Bryant, Managing Editor

Dixon Babb, Executive Editor

Mariel Cooper, Executive Editor

Drew Hove, Executive Editor

Mary Beth Hendershott, Senior Acquisitions Editor

Andrew Harrison, Publications Editor

Colleen Conboy, Symposium Editor

Sallie Papajohn, Senior Commentary Editor

Andrew Cox, Acquisitions Editor

Savannah Darnall, Acquisitions Editor

Phil Reed, Acquisitions Editor

Wade Blair, Marketing and Solicitations Editor

Alice Rose Sherman, Marketing and Solicitations Editor

Addie Martin, Blog Editor

Zac Mason, Blog Editor

D. Tyler Munger, Research Editor

Clint Pitts, Research Editor

Kaitlyn Sell, Research Editor

Nicole Williams, Research Editor

Matthew Womack, Research Editor

Bei Yang, Research Editor

Faculty Advisor

George W. Kuney
Lindsay Young Distinguished Professor of Law
Director, The Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law