Volume 19, Number 1 (2017) Fall 2017



Front Matter and Faculty Notes
Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law


Note from the Symposium Editor
Elizabeth B. Holland


Case Commentaries
Derek Terry, Elizabeth Harwood, Hilary Magacs, Evan Sharber, and Kathryn Zimmerman

Editorial Board

Rebekah Pritchard, Editor in Chief

Christopher Coleman, Managing Editor

Bo Cook, Executive Editor

Kane Shepherd, Executive Editor

Claire Tuley, Executive Editor

Caitlin Lewis,Acquisitions Editor

Jack Smith, Acquisitions Editor

Kathryn Waddell, Acquisitions Editor

Alexandra Lynn, Publications Editor

Evan Sharber, Senior Commentary Editor

Amanda Derryberry, Marketing and Solicitations Editor

Elizabeth Holland, CLE Editor

Ben Dickenson, Blog Editor

Kevin McNelis, Blog Editor

Kara Sheridan, Editor at Large

John Bobbitt, Research Editor

Logan Burnette, Research Editor

Morgan Hanna, Research Editor

Chanse Hayes, Research Editor

Alexandrea Hull, Research Editor

John Keny, Research Editor

McKeehanon Rue, Research Editor

Michael Wheaton, Research Editor

Mila Yarbrough, Research Editor